Call For Donations

Donation Programs

The Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation has two types of donation program.

■Standard Donations

Donors to this program give money for the sake of Kihara Foundation support efforts overall, without specifying any specific usage. Funds received are utilized for improving support programs, outfitting and maintaining research support facilities, disseminating and promoting research results, and other such purposes.

■Purpose-specific Donations

Funds donated via this program are used for one of the multiple usage purposes available, as specified by the contributor. Possible usages include funding for research support programs, education support, conferment of awards to researchers, and more. Donors may choose from among the following.

  • Support for researchers
    in life-science fields

    Donations help support applications throughout society for the results of research carried out by dedicated, passionate researchers

  • Support for startups
    in life-science fields

    Funds help startups and entrepreneurs who hope to achieve meaningful innovation

  • Funding for the
    Yokohama Bio Industry Center
    research support facility

    Money received is used to operate rental-use research facilities at the Yokohama Bio Industry Center, which are used by research groups, startups, and other organizations involved in the life sciences

  • Support for the
    Kihara Memorial Foundation
    Academic Award

    Donations are directed toward activities related to the Kihara Memorial Foundation Academic Award, which recognizes outstanding results from promising researchers age 50 or younger while encouraging further innovation

  • Support for the
    Kihara Memorial Children’s
    Science Award

    Funds are used for activities involved with this award and prizes therein given to elementary and junior high school students in Kanagawa Prefecture, who take part in observation, investigation and experimentation activities in order to personally experience the wonders of all living things—both animals and plants alike

Our Thanks to Donors

As an expression of gratitude for donations received, the Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation displays the names of donors on our website. (We are happy, of course, to omit the names of those who wish to remain anonymous.)