Yokohama Bio Industry Center

Facilities Rented to R&D
Organizations and
Research Institutes in the
Biotechnology Field

The Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation manages and operates the Yokohama Bio Industry Center as a rental-use facility for research, development and production operations.

With its location adjacent to RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) and Yokohama City University's Tsurumi Campus, the Center is highly convenient as a joint-research and -usage facility, and makes the perfect venue for industry–academia collaborations.

Furthermore, there is no maximum limit on the length of time that facilities can be rented out, which enables implementation of sustained, long-term project plans.

  • Eligible

    In general, application for rental usage of facilities is available to corporations and other organizations involved in research and development operations in biotechnology-related, new-technology and/or -product development, or efforts aimed at entry into new fields, who require a center of operations and fulfill the following conditions:

    Must be a biotechnology-related corporation or organization

    Companies and research institutes engaged primarily in biotechnology-related R&D are eligible. Organizations that specialize only in distribution, sales, or any other single business-related function are ineligible.

    Must have sound management conditions and business prospects

    Current management-related conditions and operations, as well as future business prospects, must be deemed sufficiently sound.

  • Rental-use

    Laboratories: 24 rooms, 57–500 m2 in size with standard lot size of approx. 100 m2
    Offices: 15 rooms, 45–110 m2 in size with standard lot size of approx. 50 m2
    (Experiments using small animals such as mice and rats are permitted.
    Experiments up to the P2 level are permitted.)