Support Programs

A Better Future Together
with Entrepreneurs and

Industry Vitalization Support

In order to eliminate obstacles to company growth and development, we provide direct, thoroughgoing and in-depth advisement and consultations in support of business plan creation, partnership formation, funding procurement, market expansion, overseas expansion and more. Through these support measures, we help to foster innovative corporations that can make meaningful contributions toward economic growth.

Research and Development Support

With a focus on R&D projects that have good prospects for useful future deployments of results throughout society, we provide support for R&D plan creation, funding procurement, applications of results in society, industry–academia collaborations, research-related PR activities, and more. Our aim is to help solve problems and tear down obstacles within R&D processes in order to ensure outstanding and valuable results.


  • Consultations


    Through repeated, in-depth meetings and discussions from an objective standpoint, we work with researchers, corporations and other parties to help devise solutions to problems. The Kihara Foundation serves as a close partner in search of solutions, focusing strongly on the problem-identification process while assisting with project operations overall.



    LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO is a consultation center that aims to bring together wide-ranging knowledge. Market research results, specialized reference materials, seminars and more are at your disposal to assist in the formation and refinement of ideas, and LIP. YOKOHAMA BIBLIO employs specialists who can discuss said ideas as well as the facilities necessary to bring them to fruition.

  • Research Funding Procurement Support

    Research Funding
    Procurement Support

    We provide support to help overcome challenges in the area of research funding procurement, offering assistance in the selection of procurement method, searches for public funding sources, and even completion of application forms so that you can smoothly locate and utilize effective means of funding. Through securing of the required funding, we aim to facilitate further development of research and business projects.

  • Trial Project Financial Support

    Trial Project Financial Support

    We offer subsidies to help with prototype development, preliminary testing and other such initial operations aimed at eventual future applications for research results and new ideas. While confirming potential obstacles and areas requiring improvement from the very early stages, we carry out research on idea and product marketability while promoting product development.

  • Partnership Formation Support

    Partnership Formation

    Finding suitable partners and pursuing cooperative endeavors via industry–academia collaboration, joint development, licensing, fund procurement and other efforts are important in order to realize practical implementations of research results in society as well as business growth. We propose partnership options for you to choose from based on thoroughgoing evaluations of organizational scale, technological capabilities, fiscal means, aftermarket capabilities and other such factors.

  • BioJapan Exhibition Hosting

    BioJapan Exhibition Hosting

    BioJapan is Asia's largest partnering event, and at the event we host a shared-use pavilion through which we support market expansion efforts by participating exhibitors. Participants can make use of the proprietary BioJapan organization-matching system to maximize market expansion results. During the exhibition, we provide full support behind the scenes, including advice and guidance on presentation and showcasing approaches.